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Games Born out of the demise of Loki Software in 2001 was Linux Game Publishing, but now a decade later the fate of LGP is not looking good for the company that has ported about two dozen game titles to Linux.
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RE: Linux isn't a Desktop OS...
by Narishma on Thu 24th Jun 2010 17:54 UTC in reply to "Linux isn't a Desktop OS..."
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A bunch of speculation and outdated myths is all you have here. Let's see:

1) The vast majority of games released nowadays on Windows are either indie games or ports of console games. The first category will usually work on anything you run it on, including netbooks and the like. The second category don't require much more power than what an Xbox 360 or PS3 can provide, so a couple of generations old graphics cards are sufficient, and those are well supported under Linux with proprietary drivers.

2) I'll let an actual game developer speak about that:

3) Another myth:

4) That's really far fetched. It's just speculation of your part. If you have some data please provide it.

5) Those are only stop-gap measures which don't always work (Wine and virtualization), are too slow (virtualization) or are a hassle (rebooting when you just want to play a quick match of your favorite multiplayer game). I there were more games on Linux people wound't resort to these things.

6) You could say that about any platform. Not everybody will buy every game.

Really the only reason most games sell poorly on Linux (and Mac) is that they are released too late when everybody has forgotten about them, and cost too much compared to their Windows counterpart.

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