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Internet & Networking Internet users throughout the world, and particularly in the United States, have long been chastened to hear of South Korea's legendary broadband penetration. The urbanized, technologically-advanced nation has been famous for rolling out ultra high speed network for the majority of its citizens, and many of us have looked on with envy. However, it turns out it's not all good news. An OSNews reader gives us the skinny from the trenches in Korea.
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Korean internet has more ups than downs.
by fermented on Fri 25th Jun 2010 05:45 UTC
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David, I have lived in Seoul now for about two years, and I agree that most of things you mention in your post are annoying. The ID requirements, IE6 on every computer sucks, not to mention the seizure inducing style of most korean websites are truly terrible ( is a prime example). long as you are using your own computer and read a bit of hangul, the Korean internet isn't so bad. A lot of sites like CGV theaters, naver, daum, and Gmarket allow foreigners to register, (though many more sites down't). I love getting tickets for movies on CGV's site. It couldn't be easier...unless it were in english. You can get amazing deals on gmarket. They even have an english site. I personally bought an oven on it.

And let's be honest, the infrastructure and pricing is great, it's just the internet design culture thats outdated and fracked. I have a 100mb fiber connection from KT for just 33,000 (roughly 30 bucks) a month. It's amazing. And it only took 24 hours to have it installed. Last time I ordered internet in the states it took comcast 3 weeks to come connect my service.

Also, Seoul has city wide wireless WiBro Service. My friend has it and loves it. bittorrent on the subway? No problem.

I'm going back to the states soon, and frankly I'm scared to go back to broadband stone age. Is it true that broadband data caps are the in thing in america? ARRRRG!

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