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Amiga & AROS The fabled Amiga X1000 has been spotted in the wild, in the homeliest of places--Station X, a.k.a Bletchley Park. "The AmigaOne X1000 is a custom dual core PowerPC board with plenty of modern ports and I/O interfaces. It runs AmigaOS 4, and is supported by Hyperion, a partner in the project. The most interesting bit, though, is the use of an 500Mhz XCore co-processor, which the X1000's hardware designer describes as a descendant of the transputer - once the great hope of British silicon." With thanks to Jason McGint, 'Richard' and Pascal Papara for submissions.
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Ive had a personal conspiracy theory that Amiga was NOT "supposed" to go on as a major platform .. And again reading about Irving Gould' and Mehdi Ali's antics my suspicions strengthens .. And considering the final Amiga Incs antics, ("led" by Bill McEwen) this could lead even further the theory. McEwen was probably just going to sit on Amiga Inc assets to keep sure it never came back ..

Nope there is not a conspiracy, but just the suspects that Irving Gould declared inflated budgets to US Treasury, stating that he is spending enormous amounts of dollars in research and development for Commodore, while in real he was cutting out all the development and collecting all the extra money that was not spended (we are talking of various millions dollars in "eighties" and "nineties" value of dollar) as blackmail tax-free funds all for himself.

Regarding Bill Mc. Ewen, maybe you are unaware that one of the major inverstors of Amiga Inc. was Pennti Kouri, one of the owners of NOKIA (!!!), and one of the richest men in the world.

Seems that Bill Mc. Ewen had had teach to Kouri the same trick that used Irving Gould, and the duo of gentlemen performed again the same magician trick of Gould, by inflating the assets budgets of Amiga Inc. and performed again the same trick with US Treasury.

But this time there was no Commodore Development Research Facilities budgets to hide the money...

So they just declared they were spending millions trying to revitalize Amiga platform (that is a very known brand worldwide and a perfect scapegoat to hide all hiddden money manuevering), and they "raked off" all extra money they can divert from the budgets of a never existing New Amiga development.

The joke ended some years ago when Kouri discovered he had cancer, and so Amiga Inc. and Bill Mc. Ewen ran out of money. Then Kouri died in 2009 and the golden spring had stopped adding money... So Bill Mc. Ewen was forced to accept the extra-judicial agreement with Hyperion and gave away the Amiga and AmigaOS brand name to Hyperion.

Now we will see if Hyperion will be able to revitalize the Amiga brand and the Amiga platform, but it is a matter of waiting for any little step in advancing evolving again Amiga that was stopped for the first time in 1992 with the demise of Commodore, and then since 1999 when Bill Mc Ewen purchased Amiga assets from Gateway.

Do you think how many years we lost?

Amiga lost almost 10 years since Bill Mc. Ewen founded Amiga Inc. Firm! Since 1999 he just presented on the market only strange unuseful products like AmigaDE/Amiga Anywhere, a multi-purpose environment that must had rivalled with Java and that was based on cooperative multitasking based Tao/Elate/Intent Operating System!


He never tried to develop further the existing Amiga OS, and tried to enchant and trick the Amiga community promising that Amiga Anywhere will be the future of Amiga.

He also made ridiculous public declarations stating that AmigaOS 5.0 based on a mix of AmigaAnywhere and AmigaOS 4.0 had had being better than MacOS X. This fact made entire computer community laughing of Amiga.

Just think the fact that BME was forced to produce something real (AmigaONE machines and AmigaOS 4.0) just in 2001 as response to bPlan who produced Pegasos machines and MorphOS team who launched MorphOS Operating System.

If BME and Amiga Inc. hadn't launched AmigaONE machines (made for real by Eyetech) and AmigaOS 4 (made for real by Hyperion), then all Amiga community had migrated to MorphOS and the jokes of Mr. Mc. Ewen and Mr. Pennti Kouri had had lost their precious Amiga toy as cover for their money tricks.

But Amiga has a Lucky star that protects her, and Hyperion made just a good product with AmigaOS 4.X, revitalizing again Amiga name and protecting Amiga from Bill Mc. Ewen even going in trial in US Courts.

And now there is again a chance for Amiga, because there are two manufacturers producing hardware (Italian firm ACube, and English firm A-EON) and Hyperion slowly but steady developing the OS, and adding step to step the features it needs fo fill the gap with so called "modern" OSes like Windows, MacOS X, and Linux.

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