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Privacy, Security, Encryption About 20 percent of third-party apps available through the Android marketplace allow third-party access to sensitive data, and can do things like make calls and send texts without the owners' knowledge, according to a recent security report from security firm SMobile Systems. There's no indication that any of the highlighted apps is malicious, but the report does underscore the inherent risks of a more open ecosystem as opposed to Apple's oppressive yet more controlled environment, with every app being vetted before availability.
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RE[4]: From a security firm
by kaiwai on Fri 25th Jun 2010 12:13 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: From a security firm"
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What if the user doesn't want to learn how to ride a bike? To break from your analogy, a user doesn't want to "use a phone". He wants to share his photos, send an email or whatever.

This situation is primarily our fault ("our" in a very broad way; as in our industry). Some point in the past, we decided that computers aren't going to stay on the server rooms, but there is going to be one in every home. Since this is the direction we've taken, we have to actively support it by providing "training wheels" to everyone who needs them. Since you could say that generally a mobile app's audience needs these training wheels, you can't just shout RTFM to anyone who is confused and expect to be successful.

Then your analogy breaks down when one considers "I don't want to learn how to drive a car, I just want to get from A to B" to which one could say, "well, use public transport". Analogous to public transport would be devices like iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch - and with that comes restrictions, the very restrictions that people here decry as draconian. Apple has taken it upon themselves to be the benevolent 'provider' in lieu of individuals making such choices. What has been delivered to end users is an environment where they're taken care of - but we have people decry what Apple is providing. You either have security and less freedom, or freedom and all of the responsibility in your own hands - you can't have both.

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