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Microsoft This is getting ridiculous. Windows Embedded Handheld? And to make it worse, there are two different versions of Windows Embedded Handheld coming out, each based on a different underlying OS.
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Linux != Windows
by ricegf on Fri 25th Jun 2010 12:20 UTC in reply to "RE: ..."
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It's not the *same* problem.

IMHO, Microsoft has far too many operating systems aimed at the mobile market for a single company. The various Linux operating system products are, for the most part, produced by different companies.

Here are the mobile OS products of which I'm aware, based on the article as well as Wikipedia's "smartphone" entry. Linux-based OS are asterisked:

Google - *Android*, *Chrome*
HP - *webOS*
Nokia - *MeeGo*, Symbian
Samsung - *bada* (LiMo)
RIM - Blackberry
Apple - iOS
Microsoft - Windows Embedded Compact (formerly Windows CE), Windows Mobile 6.5, Windows Phone 7, Kin, Windows Embedded Handheld I, Windows Embedded Handheld II, Windows Embedded Compact 7, and Windows Phone Classic.

If my list is correct (and the fact that I'm struggling with it just emphasizes the problem), Microsoft has more mobile-targeted OS products than mobile Linux has major forks among the rest of the major players - 8 to 5.

Yes, 5 mostly incompatible Linux products from 4 companies isn't optimal - but Linux is free, so it's *normal*. Having 8 mostly incompatible products from 1 company is just puzzling.

(The "I" and "II" I added to distinguish the two versions of Windows Embedded Handheld mentioned in the article as having the same name but different cores and APIs. I can't find any other way to differentiate them. Hope I missed something.)

Not trying to troll. Feel free to point out errors in the above. I'm really just puzzled by Microsoft's shotgun approach. They've always excelled at two things IMHO, developer relations and marketing. This looks like poor marketing, at best. Or maybe I'm just getting old. ;)

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