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Google While it's currently cool to love Google's Android and hate Apple's iOS, especially because of the massive difference in philosophy (open vs. closed), Google still retains a fair amount of control over the Android Market. This was demonstrated this week Google employed its remote kill switch for two Android Market applications, removing them from all Android devices on which they were installed.
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Unconstitutional? Privacy? Freedom? I have to disagree with your rant. There's certainly a bad feeling tied to this matter but smart phones and their related issues can have only the most tenuous links to Constitutional law. And there's been no changes to our Bill of Rights that set clear policy on the privileges of owning a smart phone. (Note: Buying and owning a cell/smart phone is just that, a privilege, not a constitutional right.) If Google had made documented statements that they would never do something like this and then this happened, you'd have something to complain about. But the reality is, if you don't like it then sell your phone, deal with the any cancellation charges (as spelled out to you in the contract), and buy another product from a different manufacturer. That's often referred to as 'voting with your wallet'. If ALL the manufacturer's have policies you dislike, then there's no law you have to own a smart phone.

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