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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu Based upon a recent email to the X.Org developers' mailing list, Canonical is nearing the point of one of their goals for Ubuntu 10.10 of a rootless X Server, or being able to run the X.Org Server without root privileges.
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RE: Big deal...
by Elv13 on Sat 26th Jun 2010 03:49 UTC in reply to "Big deal..."
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It is able to handle it if you configure it corectly.

Xorg is one of the best piece of technology available in Linux. But it is like KDE, many of the best features are unknownes by the users. Only causing bugs and problems in the small set of features they know about, like displaying local content on your screen.

It is great when you have to use a window over the network (without any additional software), thin client mode, input periferal over the network, proxy, Xfbdev/KDrive/Xephir, X in X, multiple X server, per screen fine grained control and client over ssh.

It is also great when you think of all the developpers specifications, APIs and extensions that are not used as much as they could be.

Just saying: "Arg, I hate X because I use XRandR and it is not perfect on my unsuported, Linux unfriendly Laptop and I don't want to ever edit xorg.conf, so X suck" is just trolling.

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