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Privacy, Security, Encryption About 20 percent of third-party apps available through the Android marketplace allow third-party access to sensitive data, and can do things like make calls and send texts without the owners' knowledge, according to a recent security report from security firm SMobile Systems. There's no indication that any of the highlighted apps is malicious, but the report does underscore the inherent risks of a more open ecosystem as opposed to Apple's oppressive yet more controlled environment, with every app being vetted before availability.
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Tony Swash
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I have to say that all this talk about how to make installing un-vetted apps on Android as safe as installing vetted apps from the Apple App Store seems a bit pointless.

Why would Apple make their devices that complex and that potentially dangerous in order to add a feature (ie the ability to install Apps from an "open" source) that the vast majority of consumers don't care about? Apple's aim, it model, is to make complex devices as easy and safe to use as possible. Hence the App Store.

If the App store model proves unpopular Apple will not prosper and will probably change direction to be more Android like. If that approach proves popular and Apple prospers it will keep the model. Its pretty simple really. It will all work itself out in the long run.

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