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Google While it's currently cool to love Google's Android and hate Apple's iOS, especially because of the massive difference in philosophy (open vs. closed), Google still retains a fair amount of control over the Android Market. This was demonstrated this week Google employed its remote kill switch for two Android Market applications, removing them from all Android devices on which they were installed.
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This conduct is unconstitutional in the US and should be challenged in court as soon as possible. It goes against several laws having to do with privacy and freedom.

Why isn't the ACLU all over this? Are they in bed with Apple or Google? Did they receive huge contributions from those criminals?

This shit must be stopped yesterday.

Right... they didn't ask.. like when your antivirus didn't ask to remove that malicious software that you installed like an idiot when you hit "YES I'M 18" in that Porn site!!!

The software was malicious, I don't see any problem. If the application was legit and it was removed, then it does deserve a legal complaint.

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