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Internet Explorer Microsoft have released IE9 Platform Preview 3, an application that gives developers access to the IE9 rendering engine (it's not a full browser). In this update they have added hardware accelerated HTML5 Video, Canvas, Fonts (using WOFF) and big improvements in JavaScript with ES5, DOM Traversal, L2 and L3 events and 83/100 Acid3 score. It sits between Firefox and Chrome 6 on JavaScript speed, but outperforms every browser in real tests.
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RE[2]: Not to be persnickety
by nt_jerkface on Sun 27th Jun 2010 14:24 UTC in reply to "RE: Not to be persnickety"
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Or in short, every time you refer to something that describes several people, even when the noun is singular (band, corporation, team, gang, fanclub, OSNews), you can treat it as plural. So, OSNews have done well. Kroc has done well.

OSNews is a single organization and should be treated as such.

OSNews has done well this year.

Great Britain has lost an empire and has not yet found a role.

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