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Opera Software Opera 10.54 has been released on June 21. Both the Windows release and the Mac release are recommended security upgrades, although on Mac OS X, other fixes and improvements are listed as well. No 10.54 for Unix. As a matter of fact, the 10.53 version is still beta.
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I'm starting to like Opera
by bousozoku on Mon 28th Jun 2010 00:10 UTC
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I've tried Opera since the ad-supported version 5.x but it's been quirky at best for me and it's only been what it does with IE-targeted pages that have really drawn me to it.

Since 10.1, I felt it was much more usable, which is apparently just the opposite of what the typical Opera users feel. It's sad to say that we'll never meet in the middle because it's always been a capable browser that came off really odd.

I hope the Opera team doesn't lose their most ardent supporters in reaching out to the rest of us because they might find themselves without supporters at all.

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