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The ARM based RISC OS has been floundering in the wilderness somewhat these past years, but it looks like it may - finally - be on the path to a real Lazarus moment with the new Beagleboard and, unusually, El Reg has taken an interest.

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There's also potential for form factors that intel can't touch yet, even with Atom -- if you went with a modest ammount of flash, you could have an ARM-based "pocket-PC" about the size of a 2.5" portable hard drive, complete with ethernet, a couple USB, wifi/bluetooth and HDMI/DisplayPort -- A little thicker and a little deeper and you could get a 1.8" or 2.5" drive in there too (The beagle-board has a lot of extra I/O and is only 3" square or so). The whole thing could be powered by USB (or PoE), so you could jack in to a PC and remote/shell in over the same USB connection (using an included program on a small, dedicated USB mass storage partition), power it from a small and cheap mini-USB cell-phone charger, or just access your files like a USB storage device (perhaps the ARM could provide a FAT32 translation service so the flash could use a more modern, flash-aware filesystem). Just about any company with ARM experience could bring this to market for probably $200, certainly no more than $300, and I'd buy one in a heartbeat.

To a degree, that's already been possible for a long while.

My PocketPC is about 4 years old and just as powerful as the Beagleboard, only many of it's ports are provided via a specialist cable rather than on the unit itself.

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