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Apple Ars Technica reviews the iPhone: Despite regular modifications to the OS and yearly hardware upgrades, the iPhone 4 is very much a more modern, more capable version of that original device that made such a splash in the industry back in 2007.
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Comment by xmv_
by xmv_ on Mon 28th Jun 2010 21:14 UTC
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i'm surprised (or not, they're apple supporters) that they didn't mention in their conclusion that the drawback of the iPhone is that you're locked to the Apple appstore, very controlled about what you can release, must pay to release your apps, get only a portion of the sales benefits and finally that you don't have control of the phone.

Want to record your videos at a lower definition than HD to save space? Too bad Apple didn't put the option so you won't get it and you can't implement it. (thats just an example)

As for the OS upgrades, reviews from people upgrading their 3G and 3GS phone all complain of the speed issue and how "probably Apple made it slower on purpose, i'm so convinced of it, to make me upgrade to the iPhone 4. How do I downgrade to iOS 3?"

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