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GNU, GPL, Open Source InfoWorld's Peter Wayner discusses the difficulties of transforming an open source project into a profitable endeavor, offering 8 business models for balancing openness with revenue. 'The debate over permissiveness is woven throughout the discussions of open source business models. Some companies stay small on purpose, while others argue that there's nothing wrong with proprietary options if they encourage all users to share the costs of development,' Wayner writes. 'The challenge for businesses is to find viable mechanisms for aligning the interests of the users and the programmers -- a complex task of social engineering.' From selling support, to selling documentaiton, to selling FUD, each business model offers a unique opportunity to strike a balance between purity and profit.
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RE: dishonest
by Skeletor on Tue 29th Jun 2010 07:46 UTC in reply to "dishonest"
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Geez, in the article are quiet a few dishonest business models and the topic was "... without selling out".

I think the point to take home is, don't sell the software, sell a product or service which includes the software (hardware, support for the software, consulting, custom design based on the software, etc.).

Maybe the article is meaning to say,

1. If lines of codes makes you feel rich, be 100% open.
2. If money makes you feel rich, you could try(as Lennie said) and sell service/hardware or pick up one of the sort-of 'dishonest' business models

And is it just me or there is an "I" missing at the start? - Its fixed now.

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