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Internet Explorer Microsoft have released IE9 Platform Preview 3, an application that gives developers access to the IE9 rendering engine (it's not a full browser). In this update they have added hardware accelerated HTML5 Video, Canvas, Fonts (using WOFF) and big improvements in JavaScript with ES5, DOM Traversal, L2 and L3 events and 83/100 Acid3 score. It sits between Firefox and Chrome 6 on JavaScript speed, but outperforms every browser in real tests.
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RE[3]: Windows phone 7
by n4cer on Wed 30th Jun 2010 00:33 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Windows phone 7"
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Yeah I read about that somewhere, but I don't think it's been confirmed yet. But it just makes no sense to me. Why go to all this trouble to prepare IE9, and then ship Windows Phone 7 a month or two early and not include IE9. IE7 is slow, and non compliant, and will get loads of bad reviews. If MS is stupid enough to release Windows Phone 7 with an ancient browser, I'm pretty sure they will get a lot of bad reviews, and they will deserve each one. I'm definitely not looking forward to start debugging even mobile browers for IE bugs :-(

The latest news is that IE 9 will enter beta in August. Windows Phone 7 is supposed to be shipping in October. They simply won't have stable IE 9 code ready in time for Windows Phone 7's launch. That aside, they do plan to ship regular updates to the base platform just as they've done with Zune, so they're likely to update the browser probably within a few months of IE9's desktop release (i.e., however long it takes the mobile team to port and test the code following the desktop release).

The initial version of IE for Windows Phone 7 is a mix of 7's rendering engine and some CSS/Javascript enhancements from 8.

Some info at the links below: (webkit info on this page is outdated, see the blog) (this session basically mentions XHTML 1.0/XHTML-MP/HTML 4.01/ES3/DOM 1.0 / CSS 2.1)

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