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Google While it's currently cool to love Google's Android and hate Apple's iOS, especially because of the massive difference in philosophy (open vs. closed), Google still retains a fair amount of control over the Android Market. This was demonstrated this week Google employed its remote kill switch for two Android Market applications, removing them from all Android devices on which they were installed.
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Double standards
by moondino on Wed 30th Jun 2010 00:46 UTC
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Why do people defend Google in this situation?

If Apple did this, some of you would be all over it.

There should be a setting, defaulted to ON, that can be changed to PROMPT or OFF for any remote application uninstall.

Imagine if someone keys in the wrong command and wipes all purchased apps from your phone? Or accidentally flags all apps as malicious? Even if it isn't "evil", systems and the people operating them make mistakes.

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