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Bugs & Viruses AVG has launched free security software for Mac OS X, which includes tools for Safari and Firefox. AVG's CEO JR Smith, says, "Mac users have traditionally been less vulnerable to attacks because of their lower market share, but that is quickly changing." That's the age-old question of to what extent the scourge of malware on Windows is a symptom of Microsoft's sloppy security decisions vs. due to Windows' popularity and the fact that malware authors can get "more bang for their buck" targeting the most popular platform.
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Prevent the pwn2own attack?
by bousozoku on Wed 30th Jun 2010 01:59 UTC
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Would this have prevented the pwn2own winning attack? I don't think so, so what good is it? Even Safari 4.x has anti-phishing support for known problem sites.

Mac users should be aware and awake and using a browser that already incorporates what the AVG link scanner does. Apple is already hiding some other sort of malware protection in the operating system.

The only exploits I've seen are those people were fully willing to authorise and in those cases, they deserved it.

I really can't feel too sorry for someone wanting to pirate software when they know better and the pirated version (whether it really was what they wanted) had a trojan exploit.

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