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Windows An Italian Windows site called "Windowsette" has published some purported secret Microsoft documents outlining some design and strategy plans for Windows 8. The Microsoft Kitchen blog has provided some analysis of the documents. The documents appear genuine, and there's lots of interesting information there.
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by kaiwai on Wed 30th Jun 2010 09:23 UTC in reply to "RE: Comment by kaiwai"
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So I guess it will be in fact like Linux. Bummer, I was hoping for only one repository, instead of 9,000 ;) Really, they should be DISCOURAGING OEMs from dicking with the default setup instead of encouraging it. These OEMs are shipping out PCs loaded down with craplets and other undesirables, and then end users end up blaming Microsoft/Windows for the negative consequences. "Oh gee, my computer is running really slow. Surely it's not because of the 30 trial applications the vendor installed that's running at startup. It must be Microsoft's fault ...'

If there was one repository then someone will have to manage it and if someone manages it then you're going to have issues arise where updates aren't accepted and propagated in a timely manner. I'd sooner Adobe run their own repository, Microsoft have their own, Apple and so on have their own repositories. They all take care of their own and all the responsibility is on the individual companies involved rather than pushing it off onto a third party whom they cam blame when things go wrong.

The crapware you see is the result of the race to the bottom - OEM's are forced to find new forms of revenue simply to get their margins semi-respectable. If you sold a computer with no crapware tomorrow you'd have idiots jumping onto this very forum whining that the computer is more expensive and how one could easily uninstall all the crapware if one wanted. There is a reason why on average a MacBook costs around $150 more than a comparable laptop being sold in Dick Smiths, because it doesn't have $100 worth of crapware subsidies keeping the price low.

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