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Graphics, User Interfaces The open-source Mesa/X.Org developers have been working on LLVMpipe, a Gallium3D driver that accelerates OpenGL and other state trackers on the CPU rather than any GPU driver to provide a better software rasterizer via LLVM optimizations. Unfortunately, it's still slow and can barely keep up with games.
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RE: "Still slow"?
by WereCatf on Wed 30th Jun 2010 12:33 UTC in reply to ""Still slow"?"
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The title of the article is messed up. LLVMpipe is "still slow"?

It's a software renderer! Is it supposed to beat the NVIDIA GPU used in the test?

It's already quite optimized. It's several times faster than Mesa's old software renderer. I'd say that it's very impressive for how new it is.

There is no mention about image quality of LLVMpipe anywhere, but I assume it produces quite nearly the same output as a real 3D accelerator does. As such, pushing 25fps+ is already quite damn well IMHO. That's a truckload of stuff to do on a processor that isn't optimized for such tasks and thus I atleast find it pretty darn impressive to churn out such numbers.

If the developers can still push some more performance out of it and continue to add the missing bits LLVMpipe will become quite a useful piece of software.

If any of the devs are reading this: congrats with the great work so far and good luck ;)

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