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Windows An Italian Windows site called "Windowsette" has published some purported secret Microsoft documents outlining some design and strategy plans for Windows 8. The Microsoft Kitchen blog has provided some analysis of the documents. The documents appear genuine, and there's lots of interesting information there.
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still far fetched
by dvhh on Wed 30th Jun 2010 21:23 UTC
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regading the app store, microsoft would be in very *very* hot water being the gatekeeper of such system, so not a chance. might be implemented as an extra layer over the install process.

the log off boot is a nice idea that I think every body was thinking about, so if no patent is in the way , well go for it (might still need long reboot cycle for driver install upgrade, OS patches, but would reduce frustration on the long run).

brand loyalty, well microsoft is already fucked up on this one, count in some apple ads plus a little bit of windows Me and add the vista capable sticker fiasco, and well you've go an image hurt forever (and don't forget their suicidal xboxes problem ).
Apple wins there because :
- their market is still tight
- they are control freaks that doesn't give easy way to customize their platforms.
- got a base that is loyal enough to forgive about their problem.
- and control the begin and the end of their products distribution.

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