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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Microsoft has killed the Kin after only six weeks on the market. The first Windows Phone 7-ish phone apparently didn't sell, likely thanks to its too-high-for-the-demographic $30 data fee from Verizon.
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RE: Face it
by mrhasbean on Thu 1st Jul 2010 08:43 UTC in reply to "Face it"
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Microsoft have zero ideas how to actually succeed in the mobile space. They seem determined to repeat Apple's mistakes, like being locked to a specific carrier or having their phones require a specific plan. Earth to Microsoft: That only worked for Apple and only for a little while. You can, and should, do better!

The vendor lock in isn't global, I can get iPhone on any of the major networks and many of the minor ones in my country, and the only difference to their standard plans is the bundled data, and they're actually cheaper than the standard plans + data. I can also buy iPhone "unlocked" and put whatever sim I like into it. The killer here is the cost of data. Because our standard aDSL and cable broadband plans are all data based providers charge a fortune for it, and the same applies to 3G data, which is one reason I'm so thankful that iPhone DOESN'T do over-the-air updates.

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