Linked by David Adams on Thu 1st Jul 2010 05:02 UTC
PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Microsoft has killed the Kin after only six weeks on the market. The first Windows Phone 7-ish phone apparently didn't sell, likely thanks to its too-high-for-the-demographic $30 data fee from Verizon.
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by vodoomoth on Thu 1st Jul 2010 08:53 UTC
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is it even confirmed? I'm asking because the beginning of the Gizmodo article quotes nobody specifically. Saying

Microsoft is ending its short life, sources close to Microsoft tell us.

is not really what I call an affirmation. The rest doesn't look compelling enough to justify the conclusion. A product that took years of development and cost millions being buried alive so abruptly is just out of my grasp. Buried to the point that Europe doesn't get to **see** it! Am I the only one surprised by this? Come on, the world is not limited to the US. Granted, the smartphone market is not a 6 billion people market but the Giz article says the Kin is not even a smartphone. So basically, why wouldn't it be a success elsewhere?

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