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Hardware, Embedded Systems Archivers rejoice! Seagate introduces the world's first 3TB external HDD. One can fit up to 120 HD movies or 1,500 video games on this 3.5 inch thick external hard drive.
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RE: Corrupt data?
by Nagilum on Thu 1st Jul 2010 09:19 UTC in reply to "Corrupt data?"
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If you look at the data sheet of any disc, you see "1 error in 10^15 bits". There are lots of bits on a 3TB disc, so there are bound to be many corrupted bits.

erm no, 10^15bits equate to 118 TB
So you'd have to fill the drive 37 times to get one bit error on average. Not a huge number but still, filling a 3TB drive 37 times takes a lot of time and if you're really worried you could just use ZFS.

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