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Apple While it wasn't a very important link in the story about the iPhone 4's antenna issue, we did link to an article over at Boy Genius Report which supposedly contained emails coming from Steve Jobs. Apple has told Fortune and Engadget that these emails are, in fact, not from Steve Jobs. Apple claims they're fake. Also, on a funnier note, I'm assuming all of you have already seen last night's brand new Futurama episode in which they make some serious fun of Apple, Google, the iPhone, and its fans?
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Anybody who actually believes that any so-called e-mail by Steve Jobs is valid, needs to get his/her head examined.

Yes. They are all fake. That's why only this specific exchange is being denied by Apple, after more than a year of various emails being posted online, without so much as a peep from Cupertino.

Makes total sense. The truth is out there!

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