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Opera Software Opera 10.60 has been released July 1 for Mac OS X and is available for download. The features highlighted on the changelogs page are: layout engine (codename 'Presto'), HTML5 with support for offline web applications, WebM, which has been available in Opera (in a special build) on the very day of the announcement at the Google I/O conference, web workers for running scripts in the background without impeding the browsing experience, and geolocation. Version 10.60 is also available for Windows and Linux/BSD.
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by vodoomoth on Fri 2nd Jul 2010 13:48 UTC in reply to "Comment by mtzmtulivu"
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anybody notice certain products from certain companies are reviewed from apologetic eye and other products from other companies are reviewed with a critical eye?

Yes I did, and it's normal as we are human (read "non-objective and very subjective") beings. That's why I (a he, not a she) also posted the previous article about the release of Opera 10.54 ten days ago, following the call for submissions and editors Adam launched weeks ago, and following several comments where I defended Opera, where I praised the browser for being feature rich and a true pioneer (see my other comment minutes ago). And I am the most outspoken supporter of Opera on OSnews so I hope you're not saying I'm an IE fan (yuck, feel sick just writing it) who's disguising his true partisanship in this article. See

No wonder you don't remember anything from me, this is my second article on OSnews. And if you are on Opera community, I'm "topdawg" over there.

Even better, as I have announced in another comment, I'm preparing a critique reviewing my 10 years of using Opera for 100% of my non-Youtube browsing and FF for the more and more sporadic cases when the site doesn't work with Opera.

Feel free to say things about my writing. It's a foreign language to me as I'm in France. And as I said elsewhere, I'm also here to learn.

If I could set trends, the marketshare of Opera desktop would higher than the meager 2% it is now, a mysterious virus would wipe IE6 and IE7 from all computers, Microsoft would bury IE deeper than the core of the planet and they would also spare resources on both WebPositive and ports of Java 1.6 to Haiku and AROS. Dreaming awake...

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