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Opera Software Opera 10.60 has been released July 1 for Mac OS X and is available for download. The features highlighted on the changelogs page are: layout engine (codename 'Presto'), HTML5 with support for offline web applications, WebM, which has been available in Opera (in a special build) on the very day of the announcement at the Google I/O conference, web workers for running scripts in the background without impeding the browsing experience, and geolocation. Version 10.60 is also available for Windows and Linux/BSD.
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You are misunderstanding the problem. The problem is that there is nothing stopping opera software from placing glibc or openssh-server packages on their repo and then those opera's unofficial versions would be installed on all opera users' computers.

Indeed, they could. But why would they? Tell me even one good reason why would they start to maintain such packages when it provides them with no benefit whatsoever, only extra work to do? It's simply not in their best interest to do the extra work, make sure their packages are free of security holes, are patched properly, work in all the intended distros and then even keep them up-to-date when the distros themselves already have processes and people set up to do that work.

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