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GNU, GPL, Open Source The HURD was meant to be the true kernel at the heart of the GNU operating system. The promise behind the HURD was revolutionary -- a set of daemons on top of a microkernel that was intended to surpass the performance of the monolithic kernels of traditional Unix systems and in doing so, give greater security, freedom and flexibility to the users -- but it has yet to come down to earth.
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RE[2]: Reason Linux lives:
by Kebabbert on Fri 2nd Jul 2010 15:03 UTC in reply to "RE: Reason Linux lives:"
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The problem with investing in Linux is that your competitors can take your R&D without paying a cent. Novell and Red Hat make money from Linux by selling support, not the actual software. They are not getting rich and Novell in fact has been privately put up for sale.

"they are not getting rich"? The RedHat founders became multi billionaries when RedHat went through IPO. I saw a list of all new dollar multi billionaires just because of Linux a couple of years ago, in a magazine.

Regarding Novell, well, Novell had that old Netware and no new OS. They just embraced Linux and put out a Linux distro which costed very little time and R&D, in comparison to develop a whole new OS

Red Hat could just as easily sell RedBSD.

RedBSD is based on FreeBSD. RedHat can not sell FreeBSD as I wrote, earlier.

What are you talking about? Starcraft became popular because it was a great game. Blizzard still sells it directly from their website.

SC became big because of Korea, where it is bigger than Soccer or Hockey or Baseball. And it became big in Korea, because of Kespa organization. Kespa started tournaments and TV shows and got all income from them. Now Blizzard is trying to get a piece of the cake with SC2, and Kespa will not favour SC2 anymore.

What I am trying to say, is that SC1 was free to earn money from. So Kespa did that. SC2 is not free to earn money from anymore, the creator Blizzard is there. So Kespa loose interest in SC2.

Just like companies loose interest in Linux, if Linus T would be there and get all income. Where the big money is, everyone follows. Espcially if it is free and no one claims ownership.

Proprietary software can also make you rich and you don't have to give out your R&D. Getting rich by software is difficult and even moreso if your competitor can just take your innovative additions and stamp their corporate logo on them.

That is my point. Someone else spends R&D on Linux, and you just grab it and repackage it and sell it. Splendid business idea. Let someone else develop it, and because it is free, you can grab it and sell it. It is like Klondyke. Just grab it and sell it. Noone will stop you.

The reason Linux became big is that you can get rich on founding a company around Linux kernel and create a distro and sell it. Noone would buy another FreeBSD distro or OpenSolaris distro - there are official distros. Why buy a copy, instead of the original?

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