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Apple So, the iPhone 4 has been out for a while, and is getting mostly pretty good reviews - there's one major sore spot, though. Apple made this hoopla about their fancy antenna thingie, but as it turns out, this thingie is kind of a design flaw, causing signal loss (and dropped calls) for some people. Despite downplaying by Steve Jobs himself, AnandTech has done a thorough investigation, and they've found out that the problem - which affects every mobile phone - is a whole lot worse on the iPhone 4 due to the new antenna. At the same time, however, the iPhone has much better reception in low signal situations. What?
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Doesn't that mean iPhone is so shitty hold in hand it needs extra casing, shouldn't it come as standard then? This question pops my mind as someone who has had 20 cellphones without any having external case or signal issues.

You probably never noticed any signal problems because you were in the store buying a new phone. ;-)

My latest phone seems to get better reception when I pick it up. Who knows why any of them have problems?

All I can see is that they didn't test until the last minute and thought that the plastic bands would be okay, like the iPod socks, and would just cover up the problem. Apple really don't know how to estimate well. I don't recall how many battery life updates there were when my PowerBook was new in 2005 but there were a few.

They really need to change their testing procedures. It's not like they're some tiny company who can't afford to hire people to do the job correctly.

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