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GNU, GPL, Open Source The HURD was meant to be the true kernel at the heart of the GNU operating system. The promise behind the HURD was revolutionary -- a set of daemons on top of a microkernel that was intended to surpass the performance of the monolithic kernels of traditional Unix systems and in doing so, give greater security, freedom and flexibility to the users -- but it has yet to come down to earth.
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RE[3]: Reason Linux lives:
by nt_jerkface on Fri 2nd Jul 2010 16:22 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Reason Linux lives:"
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"they are not getting rich"? The RedHat founders became multi billionaries when RedHat went through IPO. I saw a list of all new dollar multi billionaires just because of Linux a couple of years ago, in a magazine.

The founders got rich from the IPO but then a lot of founders in the tech boom. As a company they are not getting rich. Adobe and Rockstar games have better financials.

This issue was actually covered recently in computerworld:

RedBSD is based on FreeBSD. RedHat can not sell FreeBSD as I wrote, earlier.

Why couldn't they sell their own modified version of FreeBSD? Maybe you should read about the basics of open source licenses before commenting here.

Splendid business idea. Let someone else develop it, and because it is free, you can grab it and sell it. It is like Klondyke. Just grab it and sell it. Noone will stop you.

So what about the company that invests the R&D? Are they just suckers?

Red Hat invested quite a bit in Linux and then Oracle came along and offered support for RHEL at half price. This actually caused their stock to drop a while back.

What a truly splendid business. A company like Red Hat invests in Linux and a massive corp like Oracle can come along and undermine their profits without improving the software.

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