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Opera Software Opera 10.60 has been released July 1 for Mac OS X and is available for download. The features highlighted on the changelogs page are: layout engine (codename 'Presto'), HTML5 with support for offline web applications, WebM, which has been available in Opera (in a special build) on the very day of the announcement at the Google I/O conference, web workers for running scripts in the background without impeding the browsing experience, and geolocation. Version 10.60 is also available for Windows and Linux/BSD.
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RE[2]: Comment by mtzmtulivu
by mtzmtulivu on Sat 3rd Jul 2010 02:26 UTC in reply to "RE: Comment by mtzmtulivu"
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Whatever conspiracy theory some Opera advocates try to conjure up it don't stand up to scrutiny - people are going to compare their current browser with Opera. If Opera doesn't step up and either equal or better than the status quo for that user then it will be marked down.

What marks down Opera for me is the lack of out of process plugin support, Mac OS X still being the bastard red headed step child as so far as Opera still using Carbon, the high CPU utilisation with memory not being reclaimed after each tab is shut, and so on. I compare my experience with Opera to Safari and to really pull me away from Safari, Opera not only has to meet but beat Safari on Mac OS X.

And here lies the problem, most reviewers of opera on this forum compares the browser against their personal preferences and not against what other browsers are doing and criticize it if it doesnt agree with those preferences. I mean look at this review, one would expect some sort of a comparison btw this browser and its competitors but the reviewer just pointed to a list of new features and went on to talk about how the browser doesnt agree with his personal preferences.

i dont know about opera on a mac, but it does handle flash plugin in a separate process in linux. In linux, the opera main process is called "opera" and flash plugin is handles by an external process called "operapluginwrapper".

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