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Internet & Networking Audio and Video professionals swear by it, but if Microsoft sticks with its plans, Firewire may not be supported in Windows 8. This is following an industry trend with, for example, Apple itself phasing out firewire support in recent years.
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by divide_by_zero on Mon 5th Jul 2010 19:55 UTC
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I've heard next year we'll see a new Bluetooth standard that works over wi-fi (IEEE802.11). Might not there be a chance for FireWire to do something similar, and start working over Ethernet?

It's been a while already that cameras based on the "Gig E" standard started to replace FireWire cameras for many applications. It might be interesting to try using the same physical layer, but replace the TCP/IP on top with an alternate "FireWire 3.0" layer... (But again, depends on application needs.)

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