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Internet & Networking Audio and Video professionals swear by it, but if Microsoft sticks with its plans, Firewire may not be supported in Windows 8. This is following an industry trend with, for example, Apple itself phasing out firewire support in recent years.
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Did Apple hinder Firewire's adoption?
by walnut tree on Mon 5th Jul 2010 19:57 UTC
walnut tree
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It could be argued that Apple themselves are to blame for Firewire's poor adoption. When Apple first released the Firewire spec, they demanded royalty fees that were too high for component manufacturers. See these reports for info

Then Intel came along with USB and offered it royalty-free to manufacturers. Apple subsequently lowered their royalty fees for Firewire but by then it was too late. Firewire may have been the better technology with faster transfer speeds, but it was USB that gained ascendancy.

USB 3.0 promises maximum theoretical transfer speeds of over 4 GB and components are already coming on to the market. Will this be the final nail in the coffin for Firewire?

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