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Linux MeeGo is a Linux-based operating system designed by Intel and Nokia for netbooks and smart phones. Installing MeeGo on an Eee PC 1000 netbook is quick slick and easy. I found the user interface to be colourful and stylish with many quirky animations. MeeGo's features are easy to discover and it is fast and responsive.
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RE: Reducing BIOS time on eees
by escott on Wed 7th Jul 2010 13:56 UTC in reply to "Reducing BIOS time on eees"
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A VAX-11/730 would boot VMS 3.something in about an hour. Fortunately, you didn't have to do it very often. As far as the "VAX-11" nomenclature, it was still being used in 1990, but DEC was working diligently to get people to just say "VAX", as well as trying to get people to stop calling them DEC. Ironically, they succeeded in the latter effort - by folding up and getting merged into HP. No one calls them DEC now. :-)

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