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Apple A Forbes article notices that while the iPad's reception from the public and the mainstream press has been overwhelmingly positive, the prevailing sentiment among some alpha geeks has been negative to the extreme. The conclusion, of course, is that these people aren't reacting to what the iPad is, but rather what it represents: a violation of the ethos of the personal computer. The author of the Forbes article concludes that much of the anti-iPad vitriol is hyperbole, and doesn't help advance the cause. It's a thought-provoking question.
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Apple voiding one's warranty for jailbraking is remotely rational but federal criminal charges applied through the DMCA for jailbreaking; absolute madness.

Federal criminal charges? That takes it just too far.

Thanks God! DMCA isn't global and I don't know any other country which has copy-protection laws which includes criminal charges. Atleast not in Asia AFAIK

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