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Editorial Last month, I described how the computer industry encourages planned obsolescence in order to sell more product. This business model exacerbates the problem of computer disposal because it artificially shortens computer lifespans. This increases production and, ultimately, the numbers requiring disposal. One result is that e-waste -- electronics waste -- is one now one of our most pressing environmental challenges. Updated
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RE: Problem will solve itself
by license_2_blather on Thu 8th Jul 2010 02:46 UTC in reply to "Problem will solve itself"
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Reliability improves every year which will reduce waste even further.

With desktops, maybe. But I've never retired a desktop because it was broken, and some I had longer then 10 years.

With laptops, no. The poor cooling seems to just kill them, as with all electronics. I haven't seen that situation improve, at least with the fairly-powerful laptops I've bought.

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