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Privacy, Security, Encryption From BBC News: "A row has erupted after Blizzard - the publishers of the popular online game World of Warcraft - announced that users on its site forums would have to post under their real names. The firm say the move is to put an end to heated online arguments and topics started purely to cause trouble. But users reacted angrily, citing concerns about safety and privacy." The take away quote: "one Blizzard employee posted his real name on the forums, saying that there was no risk to users, and the experiment went drastically wrong. Within five minutes, users had got hold of his telephone number, home address, photographs of him and a ton of other information. The post and topic has since been removed from the Blizzard forum."
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But how?
by aargh on Thu 8th Jul 2010 07:20 UTC
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OK, I've read the news but they don't explain HOW are they going to get their user's real names. As a player I'd just make up a first name and a surname.

I'm not a WoW player so I don't know if thise who pay already provided their real names so please enlighten me. I can imagine they could use the name from the credit card but a) the player doesn't have to be the payer b) what about other means of payment like PayPal?

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