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Mozilla & Gecko clones Firefox 4 Beta (version 1) considered to be stable and safe to use for daily web browsing, though the features and content may change before the final product release.
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RE[4]: No flash in 64-bit
by bousozoku on Fri 9th Jul 2010 00:14 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: No flash in 64-bit"
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Mozilla should just drop the Mac version entirely.

I can't believe how many bugs I came across that were FF/Mac specific. You'd think the rendering engine would be consistent across platforms but...not really. I came across other bug reports from people who assumed that testing in FF/Windows meant it would work fine in FF/OSX. Mozilla really treats the OSX version as second rate.

Oh and with the same ajax project Chrome had zero cross-platform issues. Chrome was just a pleasure to work with. IE8 wasn't a big deal either.

Mozilla could just put their Mac OS X development time into Camino and be done with it since it has always been the light, quick browser that sparked the development of Firefox. I'd use Camino, but without Mozilla's push, things lose momentum.

I've been using 3.7a6pre/4.0b2pre for a while now and it's quite good but there is no hope that Mozilla will wake up and give Mac OS X a good effort.

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