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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Fatal Exception's Neil McAllister discusses 10 ways locked-down app store delivery models limit choice for developers -- and ultimately hurts users. The model, best known in the form of Apple's notoriously finicky iPhone App Store, has established an entirely new relationship between software vendors and consumers, one some are calling 'curated computing,' a mode in which choice is constrained to deliver more relevant, less complex experiences. This model, deemed essential to the success of tablets, provides questionable value to developers, undermining their interests in a variety of ways. From disproportionate profit cuts, to curator veto powers, to poor security, fragmentation, and hostility to free software, developers must sacrifice a lot to 'curated computing' to get their wares into the hands of end-users.
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crazy huh?
by TechGeek on Fri 9th Jul 2010 20:42 UTC
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You find it crazy. Well, these articles are meant to draw views. That's how the web works. If it was totally not a big deal then these stories wouldn't be generating any hits and they wouldn't keep writing them. So some where there are a number of people who feel a need to read and think about this subject. There are many people who are perfectly happy with Apple. I suspect that they are mainly people who weren't smart enough to use their full blown computers and had to have Best Buy install Office for them. But there are a lot of hard core users and developers that aren't happy. And without developers, you don't have a platform.

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