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Apple A Forbes article notices that while the iPad's reception from the public and the mainstream press has been overwhelmingly positive, the prevailing sentiment among some alpha geeks has been negative to the extreme. The conclusion, of course, is that these people aren't reacting to what the iPad is, but rather what it represents: a violation of the ethos of the personal computer. The author of the Forbes article concludes that much of the anti-iPad vitriol is hyperbole, and doesn't help advance the cause. It's a thought-provoking question.
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Which with apple mobile devices the battery is no longer user-replaceable by most users, which I still find to be cynical in the extreme.

Article linked is poorly written anyways. Seriously! Crediting Jobs with the rise of the home computer? Rrrriiiiggggghhhhtttt... I wouldn't even give that credit to Woz whom in Apple terms comes closer to deserving that accolade than Jobs does, and even others that worked at Apple and on the Lisa/Macs.

Next up we have his claim that the iPad has a browser but no flash, yet he then turns around and happily states but ALL web content is STILL available?! Oh, unless you count that rather LARGE percentage of the web that relies on flash. (I don't care much for flash either, especially when it's used EXCESSIVELY, as in your ENTIRE web site is just a flash app...)

As a side note, I also don't like the closed system either of having to get everything from Apple's app store and dealing with their arcane approval process and gross censorship.

Now back to jailbreaking: that's fine and dandy if it exists and works, but there's no guarantee that it always will. I'd just rather not to have to jailbreak something in the first place, and I shouldn't have to.

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