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Apple A Forbes article notices that while the iPad's reception from the public and the mainstream press has been overwhelmingly positive, the prevailing sentiment among some alpha geeks has been negative to the extreme. The conclusion, of course, is that these people aren't reacting to what the iPad is, but rather what it represents: a violation of the ethos of the personal computer. The author of the Forbes article concludes that much of the anti-iPad vitriol is hyperbole, and doesn't help advance the cause. It's a thought-provoking question.
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The old saying still holds true, Apple doesn't make computers for people who know anything about computers. That's not always a good thing. It's all flash, no substance, and goes back to the joke from two decades ago... First week you own a Mac you'll be amazed by what it can do, the rest of your life you'll be amazed by what it can't.

Agreed. So agreed. I resist the urge every time the name Apple comes up, but sometimes it just gets too damn much and I can not control myself. This statement above pretty much is 100% my sentiments exactly.

Alright if you are going to reply to my comment, identify what you put in block quotes. I will respond to the above nonsense, but first tell me where it comes from. It wasn't me, which is implied since you are responding to my post.

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