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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Google co-founder Larry Page has denied that Google entered the phone market after Apple and the iPhone, accusing Steve Jobs of "rewriting history" . . . "We had been working on Android a very long time, with the notion of producing phones that are Internet enabled and have good browsers and all that because that did not exist in the marketplace," Page said. "I think that characterization of us entering after is not really reasonable."
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RE: History is always rewritten...
by martini on Mon 12th Jul 2010 19:46 UTC in reply to "History is always rewritten..."
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Apple didn't invented the phone, didn't invented the touch screen and didn't invented multitouch interfase. They make them work nice together and make a good GUI.

This is an strategy to make the public think that everybody that makes a successful touch screen phone had copied Apple.

This (history rewritten) will became handy on the HTC trial or on any future attempt to sue Google. Steve Jobs has threaten in the past other companies with Apples patents.

look this case:

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