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Humor This humorous article depicts the computing world without Microsoft-- Apple has the biggest marketshare (15%), HP bought Commodore, IBM thinks text-based interfaces are the best thing for customers, and hardware-accelerated 3D is a no-go because all the various parties cannot agree on a standard. And Microsoft? Aren't they selling BASIC?
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that was kinda dumb
by kamper on Tue 11th Oct 2005 16:34 UTC
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Server products would be just about the same place they are today, maybe not with the same cheap x86 hardware, but the technology would be just as advanced.

Linux, the BSDs and other software projects would still have evolved to the point they are today so there would be inexpensive (free) software available to people who wanted it. It might even have been much more popular in the face of slower moving commercial products.

Workstations would be about as advanced, but they'd all be unix. MS has cut into the workstation market and if they hadn't, lots of other things would have developed.

The average home would obviously not have high speed internet and gaming computers but who cares? Humanity has existed for 1000s of years without computers in their homes and another 50-100 years wouldn't have made a difference. Especially if we could have taken the time to do it right, without so many viruses, spyware and other frustrations.

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