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Internet & Networking There's an article today at that looks at recent trends around net-based pay-for services and the smattering of paywalls from News Corp to the NYT that are up or threatening to be put up, and speculating that this could be the beginning of a trend. Of course, a YouTube video rental site and a few large publishers putting up paywalls will make zero difference to the "free internet" on their own. But if they're successful, it could spark emulation. But could this be a trend that could snowball enough to change the nature of the net?
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RE: Bravo, old media!
by nt_jerkface on Mon 12th Jul 2010 23:27 UTC in reply to "Bravo, old media!"
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Was 50 cents the right price for Deep Throat? Are Tarantino and Antonioni to be judged by $8 ballot stubs, $10 with popcorn? The media gives us life, and we owe it our own life-force, which is, again, our money.

They also gave us Rathergate and an endless list of cases where information was withheld from the public or distorted to push an ideology. This pattern of deception is well documented and I find it sad that so many still support these monolithic outlets that clearly have no regard for objective reporting.

I don't owe them a damn thing. I never thought the paper was worth 50 cents given how often journalists would insult my intelligence with their skewed coverage. Or how about the silly "two sides debate" coverage where one side is clearly inept and only exists to give the appearance of debate.

The best paper I ever bought was used as campfire fuel. If anything journalists owe us an apology for pushing so much bullshit onto the public.

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