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Hardware, Embedded Systems Seven years after AMD first unleashed its Athlon 64 desktop chips, it looks as though the 64-bit revolution is finally about to kick off. Microsoft has revealed that out of all the Windows 7 installations out there, a massive 46 per cent of them are 64-bit.
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RE[3]: Shame
by el.pescado on Tue 13th Jul 2010 08:24 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Shame"
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What is hindering 128bit adoption when we exhaust memory addresses again? I do not get your objection, because I meant the far future, probably in more than just my next generation (and I am young).

The REAL question is whether we are going to exhaust memory addressing again. I don't think so. 64-bit address space is not two times bigger han 32-bit. It is over 4 billion times bigger! 64-bit integers can encode numbers as big as 18 quintillions - most people even don't know how much is that. There are really few uses for such big numbers.

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