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OSNews, Generic OSes Spotify has made a (Qt-based, but with extra gnome-support package) Linux client available for download. The client is available only to premium subscribers - reported to be because they haven't found a reliable way to show ads yet. It also doesn't support local file playback yet, but then this port was built "during hack days and late nights".
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Comment by zegenie
by zegenie on Tue 13th Jul 2010 10:35 UTC
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Wow, off-topic ftw. I would've corrected the spelling mistakes if I had a way to edit my posting ;)

Aaaaanyway, I hope this linux client get a little more love - even though it is running flawlessly. Like maybe notification popups for songs, media keys integration and the ability to play local files, but all that aside, it's a great port. I can't tell the difference from the windows version which I've run via wine for ages.

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