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Editorial I read David's post worrying about the end of the free internet and I had to respond, as I strongly disagree that free and advertising-supported content is the future. If anything, it is advertising-supported content that is destined to be a niche strategy, because of new internet technology that enables entirely new models and empowers consumers to have exactly what they want. Advertising will not support much content creation, so I suggest what will.
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Micropayments shmayments
by Moochman on Tue 13th Jul 2010 18:03 UTC
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It is one thing to talk about micropayments for a site with a full staff of editors, video producers, etc, etc. It is however preposterous to think people will (micro)pay just to see a blog where some guy might or might not just be talking out of his ass, you won't know until you've paid up. Even well-known bloggers would probably generate bad publicity by "closing" their blogs.

Also, think about the fact that the gaming-proneness of the system would skyrocket to ridiculous levels, assuming these micropayments were to bring in significantly more money per hit than ad-based revenues, since the motivation for gaming the system would be that much greater.

I'm sorry, but just blurting the word "micropayments" as the solution to all of our problems is not bringing anything to the table.

If you ask me, flat-rate subscription services that cover a broad range of content providers are the next big thing. In fact, they are the only thing I can imagine actually working long-term in this brave new world.

It'll be a lot like the socialized funding for the arts, sciences, etc. that most countries already have in place. Just the structure, scope and accessibility will be a lot better.

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