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Hardware, Embedded Systems Following up on the news a couple of weeks ago that Microsoft had killed the Kin, its first Windows Phone 7 device, after only a month on the market, we found a list of ten gadgets that, despite their promise, didn't make it in the marketplace. Some of these devices, such as the Modo, laid the groundwork for blockbuster products (iPod). Some, like the Audrey, developed a cult following once their failure made them affordable on eBay. Others just flat out failed (DataPlay). Are there any short-lived gadgets that didn't make the list? What about the CueCat?
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Seems the mobile version of the site doesn't make the article visible, but one old one and a new one come to mind, and both are philosophically tied:

BeIA (Sony eVilla, did they even do any name research for english-speaking countries?) and it's more recent reincarnation, also with poor naming (though names can be ignored if something works well):

The Joo Joo
I owner how many eVillas were sold, as well as how many Joo Joos? Both purport to solve the same problem, and both were too expensive for their functionality being dedicated, and neither has done well at their claimed tasks.

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