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Editorial I read David's post worrying about the end of the free internet and I had to respond, as I strongly disagree that free and advertising-supported content is the future. If anything, it is advertising-supported content that is destined to be a niche strategy, because of new internet technology that enables entirely new models and empowers consumers to have exactly what they want. Advertising will not support much content creation, so I suggest what will.
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Captation Model Still Missing
by dionicio on Wed 14th Jul 2010 01:03 UTC
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All inclusive...

Information infra-structure must be in place for those who are willing go give media generated by them. Giving unilaterally (on exchange of nothing) make us civilization, make us feel at home, make us feel a family in some way.

Information infra-structure (not necesarily the same infra-structure) must be in place too for those who are in need of selling media generated by them. The Web is about economics too.

One should not cannibalize the other.

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