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Hardware, Embedded Systems Following up on the news a couple of weeks ago that Microsoft had killed the Kin, its first Windows Phone 7 device, after only a month on the market, we found a list of ten gadgets that, despite their promise, didn't make it in the marketplace. Some of these devices, such as the Modo, laid the groundwork for blockbuster products (iPod). Some, like the Audrey, developed a cult following once their failure made them affordable on eBay. Others just flat out failed (DataPlay). Are there any short-lived gadgets that didn't make the list? What about the CueCat?
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Palm Foleo
by wakeupneo on Wed 14th Jul 2010 03:36 UTC
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Announced. Laughed at. Killed.

I think this might have had a chance if they'd made it so the Palm kinda slotted into the Foleo like a PCMCIA card, which then used the OS from the Palm to run it, rather than a completely separate 'companion'. Still, they quickly discovered the market wasn't interested so killing it prior to production was a lucky escape.

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