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Editorial I read David's post worrying about the end of the free internet and I had to respond, as I strongly disagree that free and advertising-supported content is the future. If anything, it is advertising-supported content that is destined to be a niche strategy, because of new internet technology that enables entirely new models and empowers consumers to have exactly what they want. Advertising will not support much content creation, so I suggest what will.
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The truth is always in the middle
by Nycran on Wed 14th Jul 2010 14:19 UTC
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What is it with sensationalist headlines these days? Free will not die - no way in hell.

There is however scope for micropayment systems for *some* forms on information where visitors perceive that information to be of significant value. Personally I can imagine using micropayments for "professional" content where there are skilled writers, editors and web designers working on creating compelling content. Some examples might be:

- News sites.
- Magazines.
- Top shelf blogs (these would be rare).

We have open source software, but that doesn't mean there's no place for commercial software either. It's the same thing. Some content *is* worth paying for.

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